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T3 Systems and Olson Visual embrace the future of displays at Exhibitor Live 2018.

T3 Systems and Olson Visual partnered up for this show to showcase the latest innovations and developments in their print and exhibition products and services. Exhibitor Live was the ideal opportunity for this showcase, as the five-day educational event provides the platform for attendees to solve their toughest challenges by seeing solutions at work on the exhibit hall floor.


The brief for the project was therefore to design an exhibition stand that would effectively showcase all the possible T3 solutions to the challenges that the attendees could face for their next project.

The exhibition stand displayed an array of feature pieces; each demonstrating key benefits and aspects of all the T3 products as well as showcasing the diverse range of structures that are possible when using T3 to build your displays. Each of the displays was expertly clad in graphics that were created by Olson Visual.


Some of the most unique feature displays on the stand were the 5m tall tower, the revamped T3 EasyCube counter concepts and lastly curved walls with inset LED displays.

The tower display was designed and built using the T3 Frame solution. Showcasing to users that they can build large, dynamic structures that will help your potential customers to identify you in large exhibition halls. The tower featured an illuminated graphic which was made possible by using the T3 Wandlite. The Wandlite tubes were linked together allowing for a large light display to be created without needing multiple power sources, making it an extremely efficient and eco-friendly solution.

The revamped T3 EasyCube counters were created using the T3 Ultralite profiles. The concept consisted of the standard displays including the circular, square and semi-circular designs. The lightweight ultralite profiles and the chosen displays allowed for the counters to be easily relocated and restructured giving the exhibition staff the opportunity to demonstrate the various ‘bundling’ capabilities.

Lastly, the curved corner structures, these featured large LED displays and display monitors which played a variety of animations and videos. They were created using the T3 Frame system and were clad using illuminated fabric panels. These structures were designed to showcase to attendees that T3 Systems and Olson Visual will be looking to the future of the display industry.

Rick Olson, President of Olson Visual said “Digital displays that show live action or movement of imagery are becoming more in demand every day. Incorporating LED displays, flat screen panels and projections images is the future. T3Systems really helped to demonstrate this to the visitors of the show.”


The installation of the exhibition stand was completed by a team of 3 people in 4 hours without the use of tools or levers at any point of the construction. In this time the team was able to assemble all of the structures, mount graphics and configure lighting.  

Once the show was finished a team of 4 was able to dismantle and pack up the entire stand in 3 hours. The profiles and extrusions are then able to be reconfigured and used in other projects down the line further promoting T3’s eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits. 

Exhibitor Live was an opportunity for us to showcase just how T3 Systems products can embrace the new media and technology age. We want to showcase that our frameworks are the most versatile and flexible answer to housing and facilitating the growing range of advanced display technologies available within the event and exhibition industry

Jonathan Evitt Managing Director of T3 Systems

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