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Known for its imaginative displays and eye-catching setups, the Exhibitor Live event this year was one to remember. A large selection of exhibitions and trade show booths were set up in preparation for the arrival of thousands of corporations, as well as decision-makers looking for pioneering event marketing products and services.

About Exhibitor Live 2022

Exhibitor Live is the world’s leading provider of specialised training, education & knowledge surrounding trade shows and corporate event marketing for the last 31 years. At the Exhibitor Live 2022 event, there were many attendees, ranking from fortune 1000 multinationals to consumer mega brands and fast-growing startups.

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The event allows companies to connect with their target demographics in a fun and modern exhibition environment.

T3 Systems @ Exhibitor Live 2022

Our exhibition stand at Exhibitor Live this year was truly unique and allowed us to showcase the best of our product lines. We were placed on stand 311 from Monday 20th to Wednesday 23rd June in the Las Vegas venue and had some great conversations about the products we offer.

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We partnered with Epidaur Digital Displays (Download our Brochure) to create some magnificent flexible LED displays that stood out from the crowd, attracting guests from all over the world to find out more. Our intuitive systems allow for speedy assembly and deconstruction, which was no different in Las Vegas.

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Our T3 Cube Challenge

We set people with an interactive task to see how quickly they could assemble a single T3 Cube made of our T3 Frame technology. Check out some of our participants in the video below:



Our fastest T3 Cube builder managed to assemble the cube in just 43 seconds!

This illustrates just how easily and quickly our trade show systems can be built, saving companies in both labor and travel costs.

All in all, we had a great time at Exhibitor Live 2022. We enjoyed showing off our intelligent range of trade show products, booths & services. For more information about any of these items, please get in touch.

“We loved chatting about how our products can take your event to the next level!”


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