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Deleage Expansion creates modular drone cage for Parrot.

The new T3Affinity post and beam central joiners allow for the large Parrot modular drone cage to be easy to transport and store for Salon de la Photo exhibition.


The brief for this project was that Deleage Expansion was tasked to create an exhibition stand for their client Parrot. Parrot, the famous French drone creator were planning on attending the Salon de la Photo. This exhibition brings together all the key players in the world of photography: not only manufacturers and importers but also professional associations. The exhibition presented the perfect opportunity for Parrot to showcase their brand-new ANAFI 4K HDR drone.

Parrot wanted to push the boundaries as much as their new drone does and create a space where they could perform live demonstrations and host competitions related to the visitors performances and ability to pilot the new drones.

Deleage Expansion has been working with Parrot since 2017 and in that time has created some amazing displays to help them showcase their new technologies and innovations. Parrot knew they were in good hands when it came to their Salon de la Photo exhibition stand design.


The design consisted of 4.9m x 2.9m x 1.9m structure created using the T3Affinity system. The structure had two open sides which were covered by netting. This provided visitors with an unhindered view while keeping them safe from incident. The other two closed sides were covered with rigid PVC panels that were mounted using the combination between the T3Affinity and T3Frame systems.

Due to the size of the structure and the design, long beams and posts were required to build the structure. This normally would have caused issues with transportation and storage. But the team at T3Systems recommended that Deleage make use of the new innovative T3Affinity Beam (AYEBC) and Post central joiners (AYEPC).

Download our T3Catalogue to view the product.

These solutions allow for large profiles to be split into more manageable sizes for transportation and storage but then simply screwed into each other on location to create the required long profiles. A simple yet highly effective solution.


The assembly and installation of the modular drone cage took two members of the Deleage team 1 hour to complete. This included the mounting of the graphics, installation of the netting and counter.

Parrot required a large display structure to properly demonstrate their new drone. This would normally have presented issues when it came to transportation and assembly with other display systems. But due to the new central joiners and the modular design of the T3Affinity system we were able to solution these issues easily. Parrot is also able to alter their display design easily for the other shows that they are planning on attending to showcase their drone.

Virginie de Neuville Director

T3 Systems