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Deleage uses T3 Frame to create an outstanding ‘package’ for Cartonnerie Oudin

The brief required that a large stand be designed to help packaging giant Cartonnerie Oudin showcase their products as well as their sustainable development programs at one of the worlds largest packaging and recycling exhibitions.

The stand consisted of two 1.5 metre towers, a large back wall which had a variety of unique features for displaying purposes and a hanging 1x1x1 metre cube that was suspended from the roof of the exhibition centre.

The back wall was built using the T3 fusion tubing profile. This allowed for a variety of attachments to put into the channels of the tube. This gave Cartonnerie Oudin the ability to create a product display alcove that you can see in the picture. The wall also had a variety of T3 spotlights which helped to light up important information.

The two towers were created using the T3 airframe tubing profile because of its simple and lightweight structure. The graphics consisted of rigid panels which were attached to the framework using velcro stripping.

The hanging cube was constructed using the T3 airframe tubing profile. This is because it allowed for the structure to be lightweight and rigid. The graphics consisted of rigid panels and were attached to the framework using velcro strips.

T3’s is one of the few framework systems that enables you to build any type of structure without a problem. With its various profiles and extrusions we can always design a solution for the client.

Virginie de Neuville Director

T3 Systems