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Lintel uses T3 to make light work of the Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition (APPP EXPO) in Shanghai

The Shanghai APPP EXPO is the biggest International Advertising and Sign fest in the world. Driven by digital and traditional technology it allows attendees to explore the best solutions by communicating with many industry professionals. It allows for the flawless integration of display advertising products and new technologies as well as finding out how to expand the new boundaries of advertising in the future.

Lintel needed to make a huge impression for this show as some for the world’s largest advertising and sign professionals were going to be in attendance at the three-day exhibition.

The design for the brief project called for multiple solutions to be created that would showcase to advertisers, signage companies and exhibition display designs that there is a T3 solution for all of their needs.

Lintel created a magnificent combination between colour, light and functionality which certainly made a few people stop in their tracks at the show.

The stand was composed of three adjoining sections, each made with a different T3 solution. These included a T3 Affinity section, a T3 Litebox wall-mounted framework section and lastly an arched T3 Frame section. Creating a design this way allowed Lintel to fully demonstrate all the systems available with T3 but also to showcase that each of the solutions can be used to create full exhibition displays by themselves. Secondly, it showcased that all the solutions have been designed to fit flawlessly together to create an exhibition stand that will stand out among your competitors.

T3 Affinity Section

The T3 Affinity system is an ideal solution when it comes to the creation of retail displays and exhibition stands. Lintel made full use of this fact by introducing features that the Affinity system excels at. The L shaped stand had design features such as a facia display, a presentation counter and a changing room. The stand was finished in rigid foam panels that fit into the channels of the posts and beams.

T3 Litebox Section

Consisting a 4.2-metre-wide and 2.5-metre-high wall mounted T3 Litebox. It provided the focal point for the exhibition stand. It was mounted to a T3 Frame back wall using a T3 double joiner. Using this method for mounting allows for the lightbox wall to be assembled first then quickly attached afterwards. It also means that the graphics can be easily changed without having to take down the whole stand.

T3 Frame Section

Lastly was the curved fabric archway created using the T3 Frame system. Lintel used the T3 Frame to its full effect by including the arch, as few modular framework solutions have the ability to created custom curves for all the displays. The front display wall featured a mounted tv monitor which showcased a variety of animations and promotional videos.

The arch was finished in textile graphics that were mounted using the T3 Silverlite 45°. T3 is one of the few solutions that allow designers to finish curves with a seamless edge.

The stand also featured a variety of finishing displays such as the T3 Frame spinning cube, illuminated counters and a free-standing T3 Litebox. All these features really displayed to the visitors of the APPP EXPO that by using the T3 solutions it allowed them to have the utmost versatility and high quality of displays.

The industry has seen a shift towards lightboxes and illuminated backdrops. This is why we featured such a large lightbox, and the result was excellent. People loved the fact that it was completely modular and so easy to assemble and mount. Also the fact that the whole stand could be packed up so easily and reused was another important message to visitors.

Mark Ju Vice Sales Manager of Lintel Displays

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