Bringing Life to Pop-Up Shops with T3 Deco

Using Colour to Create a Memorable Experience

A pop-up shop offers brands, businesses, and retail endeavours the opportunity to capture their ideas and deliver them through the design of a physical space – often leaning on the temporary definition of a pop-up shop to drive interest through exclusivity and limited time offers. A great solution for those brands that operate online or who want to test the waters of a new location prior to investing business capital in expanding, here at T3 Systems pop-up shop designs and display units make up a large part of our portfolio – creating innovative and eye-catching units which are designed to entice customers and leave a last impression.

And in this article, we’re homing in on the T3 Deco displays specifically, considering the role that colour plays in the design and creation of a modular pop-up shop solution, and how the T3 team can work with you to ensure that the colour palette available matches your needs.

How does T3 Deco work?

T3 Deco is the branch of our business which is built on colour – taking the classic T3 framework and injecting it with a multitude of different primary colours to present a bold aesthetic for every client.

With all the benefits of the classic framework, T3 Deco combines our lightweight aluminium components with a versatile selection of available colours, empowering brands and clients to design and bring to life a pop-up shop which looks as if it was tailor made for them (spoiler alert: it was). The way it works is simple. Clients looking for the T3 Deco solution will be invited to select a colour from the vast RAL K5 Classic Colour palette, selecting the shade which best suits their ideal aesthetic and end result. From there, we will infuse our expertise and experience with your ideas and vision, to create a modular framework and overall design that works for you.

The benefits of using T3 Deco’s fully colour modular display framework.

Aside from making your pop-up shop frames and displays more exciting to look at, we have found a number of benefits being heralded by past and existing clients – the first of which relates directly to engagement among visitors and customers in the pop-up shop.

When people feel intrigued by a space, they are more likely to dwell for longer – and visual stimulation through colour is one of the most intoxicating components of personal interest and intrigue. As explored in a LinkedIn article on the power of colour when designing and bringing to life a display unit, you only have to look at the luxury designer sector to see how prominent colour is in the most successful campaigns – with an increase in browser time and overall engagement naturally leading into an uptake in sales and customer interest. But direct engagement isn’t the only benefit of using a colourful modular display – with the psychology of colour an increasingly important factor that retailers are tapping into across temporary and permanent shop locations.

Different colours evoke and inspire different emotions in different people – it’s what makes us all different, and is what drives everything from individual style to everyday decisions in terms of what we feel drawn to and what makes us feel good. This is recognised as the psychology of colour, and is something that T3 Deco taps into with ease by allowing brands and businesses to create entire displays which manipulate the emotions of browsers and customers.

For example, red is the kind of colour which evokes powerful feelings, generally mixing anger with love and violence. It is also the colour most closely linked to a spike in feelings of hunger (evidenced by its presence across the branding of most major fast food chains) and is renowned for drawing attention. On the other hand, white is the colour of innocence, cleanliness, and purity, ideal for retail brands that want to celebrate and spotlight a natural range of products. Used in the right way, these colours can contribute towards your pop-up shop being one big tribute to the emotions you need to inspire in order to turn browsers into buyers. With that said, how has T3 Deco been used by businesses in the past to create visually impressive pop-up shops?

Examples of how businesses can use T3 Deco to create visually stunning pop-up shops.

One brand that tapped into the power of colour via T3 Deco for a pop-up shop was a running and fitness centre. With their brand very much centred on red and black, the branding itself was designed to inspire visitors to feel more energetic and powerful – with the use of red across the entire framework creating an industrial and very targeted feel which allowed visitors to really focus in on the brand proposition and the offer. Here`s one example: Coloured Social Distancing

Conversely, when we created our own pop-up display for an exhibition, we found that by using a blend of different coloured frames stacked atop each other we could manipulate the space and make it feel much softer and more family-friendly instantly. By blending different primary colours into a single structure, our own pop-up display highlighted the potential of coloured frames in altering the feel of the surrounding space, with brands centred on family and child-friendly retail opportunities showing particular interest in the simple but effective result of multicoloured frameworks.  Here`s another example: Barclays 

Both of these examples demonstrate the power that colourful frames have to transform the look and feel of a space for customers – presenting the kind of versatile benefit that allows a business to truly take ownership of a pop-up shop location; regardless of how long they own it for. Here`s another great example: Perrier -Jouet

How T3 Deco can give your pop-up shop an innovative and creative identity.

Finally, to the finishes which allow you to transform our classic coloured framework into something which perfectly enhances your branded space no matter the size or shape.

As our T3 Deco range embodies all the benefits of the classic T3 frames, clients will benefit from the versatility and flexibility of the modular design – allowing the display to be adjusted as per the space available and ensuring that a one-time investment will continue to work and fit a multitude of spaces and pop-up opportunities.

When it comes to breathing life into your brand, especially within the confines of a temporary structure, there are only so many ways of tailoring the aesthetic of the space and inputting it with your brand energy and vision. A T3 Deco frame uses colour to inject creativity into the very foundations of your display, with brands able to use a multitude of colours or stick with just one tone throughout to add weight to their brand and create the kind of space that visitors will want to explore and engage with.