Accessorise your T3Litebox

Take your T3Litebox from a bold graphic framework to a valuable multi-purpose display asset.

The T3Litebox is already a super effective structure for the creation of eye catching and stunning visuals for the promotion of your brand at exhibitions, retail settings and events. Its bright LED lights makes images on graphics become more diverse and engaging even if viewed from a distance. So why not capitalise on this attraction by creating extra points on interest and interaction on your T3Litebox? Accessorise your T3Litebox to make the most effective illuminated display

Take a look at the accessories in action

How is this done?

The simple answer? By attaching T3Affinity side posts to your structure, it opens up the possibilities of attaching a massive range of retro fit accessories that provide a broad range of capabilities. The T3Affinity posts are simply attached to the structure by using our T3Adaptor (AYA-1004). T3Affinity side posts can be included depending on factors such as the design of your T3Litebox (whether its a split or single profile design) and the transportation specifics of your structure. The posts are cut according to measurement specifications of your structure and are quickly attached on site without the use of tools.

What accessories are available? 

Accessories range from brochure holders and shelves to tablet and monitor holders. All a simply and quickly attached to the T3Affinity posts without the use of tools or levers. What is more is that they can be adjusted on site to get them in the optimal position for the day. The tablet holders (AYA-5020 & AYA 5021) range between small and large, meaning that any size of tablet is accommodated for. The monitor holder (AYA-5012) accommodates small to medium sized computer monitors.

Download our T3Catalogue to get an better idea of what these solutions look like

Did you Know?

That it is also possible to mount large tv monitors to any of our T3Litebox structures. This is done with a simple reconfiguration of the standard T3Litebox design, neat right. Take a look.