15 Year Anniversary

 15 Year Anniversary interview with Jonathan Evitt, MD of Tecna Display Ltd.

What were some of the main challenges when Tecna Display and T3 Systems was first introduced into the industry?

“We needed to inform and persuade our potential customers that creating a “custom look” to a stand or display by using graphics and panels simply attached by magnet and Velcro was the future. I’d identified that the huge technological advances in graphics had outstripped the capabilities of the systems designed in the 70’s and 80’s. The future was obviously graphics and image. In an industry dominated by wood and aluminium post systems it was a struggle to be heard. There was still a lot of suspicion and snobbery about aluminium versus wood, hopefully most of that has been resolved.

T3 is such an easy, innovative product that we were able to get the message across over time. so that we now sell in more than 28 countries and through them to over 40.”

Tecna Display now represented in over 28 countries around the world and has a large T3 Distributor Network. Who were some of the original distributors to join the T3 Family?

“Some of our first distributors from 2003 are; Beaufair in Holland, Mario Calvo in Spain, Unlimited Events in Portugal, Bitmap in Norway and Promode in Singapore. What’s great is that they still represent us today, all these years later. We take very good care of our global partners and in time they become like family to us.”

When Tecna Display started in 2003 who were some of the members of the team?

“When we first started there was only three of us working out of a tiny office and factory at the Lee Valley Trading Estate in Tottenham, Ivan Shepherd, now Admin Director and Bryan Hughes, now Production Director.”

What have been some of the best achievements for Tecna Display in the last 15 years?

“The best thing is that we’ve saved a lot of our end-users a lot of money and stress! We’ve also made our direct customers a lot of money! Our systems have built a huge number of great looking structures, so I think we’ve added hugely to the industries we’re involved in.

Some of the more personal, memorable achievements for the company has been winning two Queens Awards for Enterprise, once in 2012 and more recently in 2018 (full story) , meeting the HRH Prince Philip on 2012 and HRH Prince Charles in 2018 at Buckingham Palace.

The Queens Award is the most important and best business award in the UK and to get it twice is exceptional. That, and qualifying for ISO 9001 for the last 7 years, shows how the outstanding quality of our products and our service has been recognised by outside adjudicators.”

Why do you think Tecna Display is so unique to the industry?

“I believe that products are organic and should grow, adapt and change, this enables us to keep ahead of the curve. We must be the only company who designs in-house, manufactures, stocks and sells such a huge range of products. We own all the injection moulding tools and dies for tubes and profiles, with more than 25 granted Patents (and counting), plus Design Patents, and Trade Marks giving protection to our products worldwide.

We offer a tool free, quick assembly, cost effective solution, hugely important, with the need for speed and simplicity of build so relevant. All our products are re-cyclable and re-usable, so I’d like to think that we have pretty good “green credentials”.

We constantly strive to be innovative with our services and products. We are in a unique situation where we have so many solutions and products that can create a huge range of displays and designs. We are constantly looking to improve our existing products and to design and develop new ones. It’s a never-ending process”

In what different ways has Tecna Display grown over the past 15 years?

“The company has grown out of all proportion since 2003. The products now allow us to carry any type of substrate, including roll up, any rigid material (including glass!) and even Slatwall.  We’ve also developed a number of other solutions based on industry demand including T3 Wandlite; a 360 degree, unbreakable tube light for illuminating walls and other structures, T3 Affinity, a quick assembly post and panel system and our newest development, a very innovative lightbox product. By listening to our customers and the market we have stayed relevant and grown every year.

We’ve also expanded into many different markets; exhibition, retail, conferences, awards, museums, point of sale and so on. Lastly and most importantly has been the team. We have gone from 3 employees to 18 and growing. Increasing the size of all our departments and expanding our support services, for example, we offer a highly sophisticated animation, video and design service, which is probably the best in the industry.”

Where do you see the future lying for Tecna Display Ltd?

“We are always trying to stay ahead of the game here at Tecna Display Ltd. By developing and expanding on our products and services offerings to our users and working on incorporating the latest industry trends.

Virtual reality, projection mapping and LED screens are all becoming an important, developing part of the display industry and we can, now, easily incorporate all these visual technologies into our users’ displays.

No company can afford to stand still, it’s always onwards and upwards for all of us at Tecna Display.”